Producer Loreta Tarozaite

Loreta Tarozaite


Award-Winning Creative Visual Communications and Marketing Expert | Executive Video Producer | On-Camera Coach and Personality|

Content Strategy Consultant | Creative Project and Team Leader

Las Vegas, NV



  • Visual content and communications strategy development and implementation.

  • Video storytelling from idea to execution, creative direction, stakeholder interviews, etc.

  • On-camera and media coaching for content creators, executives, startup founders, managers.

  • Creative team leader and marketing and communications project management.

  • Panel and event hosting, on-camera personality.



One of the most important requirements for modern businesses or growing your personal brand is to build an impactful visual presence. The best way to do this is through video marketing.

Creating visual content and building communications strategies around it is something one should consider when establishing digital marketing goals on how to reach the target audience.  With technology and flexibility of mobile devices to capture video, this task is easier to accomplish now than ever. But planning out the type of content you should be making requires an in-depth knowledge of your audience, market, and the overall industry. Well-crafted content is what captures your audience’s interest and helps you stand out in a highly saturated market.

With me as your trusted visual marketing expert, you’ll learn how to implement communications strategies, enhance your on-camera personality, enhance your video storytelling, and improve audience engagement.

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Yusuf Jamal

"Loreta is phenomenal in her ability to bring out the best in people in front of the camera, connect the core message to a soulful narrative and adapt real-time to dynamic situations in front of the camera. She is a very effective executive camera coach and somehow, magically, maintains the balance between the moment and the message... Loreta, you are a pure joy to work with!!!"

Suzanne ElNaggar

"Loreta is a pleasure to work with. The digital content she creates is thoughtful and on target for the market she is trying to reach. As a video producer, she genuinely connects with the people being filmed, drawing them out and making their stories come alive in front of the camera. She builds great relationships with her colleagues and customers and is a talented director and editor, which always results in a final product that exceeds expectations. Loreta’s incredible work ethic creates an environment that puts everyone at ease."

Tiffany Scurry

"Loreta is a creative genius. She thinks about things the rest of us overlook. She leads her teams to deliver professional, creative solutions that make her client groups look amazing! Loreta’s business savvy is complemented by her creative problem-solving, mastery of storytelling and attention to detail that rivals that of most attorneys! It has been my pleasure to work with Loreta as we inspired a culture of ethics and compliance at Western Digital."

Kathryn Zwack

“Loreta is the ultimate storyteller. With her deep knowledge of video script-writing and producing, together with her experience in technology and logistical acumen, she is able to bring out insights into the significant impact that technology companies have on their end-user customers and society as a whole.”.

Brian Cox

“(...) Loreta has a natural eye for creating compelling content, helping to figure out the message, ensuring that we met the strategic group marketing goals, and driving project milestone achievement with her top-notch time and project management skills. I would be happy to work with Loreta again in any Marketing-related project.”

Brian Pridgeon

"Loreta brings a fantastic combination of skills and qualities. Simply put; "she has it all" - strategic thinker, creative visionary, tactical expert, and a team players attitude. She is a true professional who I have relied on many times to deliver excellent video production from start to finish. I strongly recommend Loreta based on my extensive first hand knowledge of her capabilities and results which are always on-time and on-budget."

Mike Wong

"Loreta is one of those rare individuals who can see the big picture while also being detail-oriented. She is a creative storyteller who understands how to fit things into a larger, strategic narrative. She is very driven and proactive. Above all, Loreta is a great person to work with and doesn't let efficiency get in the way of being friendly and easy going overall. She is an asset to any team that she is on."

Dotan Koren

"When Loreta and I worked together I always knew that I can count on her from every perspective.  Coming from broadcast journalism background, Loreta has the talent for storytelling because she truly understands the broader content strategy and communication needs of her clients. She expertly encourages talent in front of camera while making sure to get the needed messages, and she is a detailed director who demands world-class content output. "

Shelley Newkirk

"Loreta is truly a master when it comes to directing and producing corporate videos. Working with her, and participating side-by-side in executive video shoots helped me enormously. I learned so much about different creative approaches, styles for the videos, camera angles, and more. She is a consummate professional who brings an uncanny knack to get the very best out of her subjects."



I am a communications and content marketing expert with a heavy focus on video storytelling and visual media. I have over 20 years of industry experience.

I originally come from Lithuania. Moved to Silicon Valley in 2003 and lived there for almost 18 years before relocating to Las Vegas in 2020 - the year everyone will remember.

In my career, I have done everything from being in front of a camera to producing video content behind the camera, to editing, to building corporate communications and content strategies.

I have coached multiple executives on how to best convey the message and appear authentic, clear, and confident on camera.

Throughout my career, I have collaborated on various communications and digital marketing initiatives to drive audience engagement internally and externally.

Humanizing companies through compelling storytelling has been my focus for the past decade.

I am extremely passionate about new technologies, startups, founders, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, and everything in between.

Storytelling - be it through video or written form - is an exciting journey that can bring life to any company that needs to connect with its audiences and build brand loyalty.  

I would love to hear all about your marketing, communications, and video production needs.

Please contact me to learn how I can help.





Loreta Tarozaite
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