How Long Should a Marketing Video be?

I often receive questions from people asking me about how long a corporate/business video should be. Video production is a complex work – it starts from generating the idea, creating a script and eventually shooting the footage and editing the final product. So it all depends on what you want to show in your video. Rule of thumb is – two minutes. This is considered to be the optimal length for any marketing video. I’ve heard people tell me that the first thing they do when they receive an email with the video link is they check the length of it. Anything past 2 min and closer to 3 is making them consider if it’s worth taking the time to watch it. One would say three minutes is not that

Video Marketing Helps Small Business Grow Big

I came across this great video where a small business owner is interviewed about how video has helped him increase sales of his product. Please take a moment to watch it. It’s a great example how visual content is much more appealing than the printed description of how a product works.

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