What is Video Marketing?

I came across this great video explaining what video marketing is. In my previous posts I already talked about the importance of video distribution and video SEO. However, first you have to have a video to distribute, right? Like it’s discussed in the video above, video not only helps get the message across better because of the visuals, but this medium is also very appealing to people. If your online video has a great professional look and a strong unique messaging about your business, you can be sure that your video will increase the chances of people choosing you over your competitors. Just make sure the video helps you stand out and position you in the market where you want to be so

Video SEO

Yes…this is an emerging service that is being offered by SEO professionals throughout San Jose – Bay Area. Just how you optimize text content of your website so that it’s found easier by certain keywords on search engines, the same could be applied to video. Please check out this cool very informative video below by Matt Ballek, a professional video SEO guy in Chicago area and let me know how I can help you here, locally. Hey, and if you don’t have a video yet, why wait? Please give us a call and let us know how we can help you market your business with a video!

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