Founder Stories: Marina Modlin, Modlin Legal

Thank you for viewing a founder’s interview and wanting to learn more about Marina. I met Marina in 2010 at one of our mutual friend’s place and we had a great chat about Russia, post Soviet Union, emigration and life in the U.S in general. I thought that she was a very smart young lady. We’ve kept in touch ever since and I was very pleased when Marina agreed to participate in the EnterSiliconValley project. In the interview Marina doesn’t talk about how she started her career, but she started it as a freelance attorney. Actually, she has recently published a book talking about her experience and giving advice to young, fresh out of law school future attorneys what to do to jumpstart the ca

Founder Stories: Erika Taylor Montgomery, Three Girls Media & Marketing

I thought it would be fun to share a little about how I met my founders and why I enjoyed their interviews. Since Erika Taylor Montgomery is the first one to appear in my project, here’s a short excerpt from her LinkedIn profile: “Erika is a PR and media pro with over 20 years of experience. She owns Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc., an award-winning public relations agency in the heart of Silicon Valley. She’s personally placed over 5,000 stories in publications including the New York Times; Oprah; The Dr. Phil Show; The SF Chronicle, Redbook, Modern Salon, Women’s Day, Prevention and thousands of others.” I met Erika about a year ago in one of my networking meetings that I attend regular

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