Let Your Video do the Marketing for You

I know it’s hard in this fast growing social media age to keep up with all the possibilities to grow your business, to draw traffic to your website and to be found by potential clients online. Businesses have websites, copywriters help with persuasive content for those websites, business owners have blogs filled with certain keywords that are “search engine friendly”, business Facebook accounts, to name a few. Imagine you use video production services and add a video to all this?! Would it do its job on its own? Will all of a sudden search engines start finding your business/social video and rank you on the top of the list? To some degree yes (if you do search through Google, videos usua

Founder Stories: John Major, Catalog Data Solutions

I met John Major through a referral from somebody who thought John would be a great interviewee. And he certainly was! I had such a wonderful time talking to John for the Enter Silicon Valley project. John did a wonderful job explaining to me what his company was doing and I was amazed to find out that he was the actual person who came up with the idea of CAD models for product designers to help save time. You know that before CAD options, engineers had to draw every single part that would go into the product? And John, being an engineer himself, saw an opportunity to solve this problem by providing a catalog of such parts. As he said in the interview to me, the first time he started this,

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