Speaking in front of camera – is it the same as public speaking? Tips on how to talk in front of cam

Whenever I produce or direct a video and have to interview a business or corporate spokesperson on camera, most of the time they have had some type of exposure to public speaking or presenting in front of big crowds. I often have such people come in for an interview confident and ready to roll, but as soon as we start the recording, the face freezes, words stumble, the brain blocks and the majority of people just immediately get stuck. Why is that? Well, because public speaking in front of a big audience and speaking in front of the camera are two completely different scenarios. I thought I’d share some basic tips how to best present yourself during an on-camera interview. Most of the tips

Virtual Reality - What's the Buzz?

Looks like 2016 is the year of Virtual Reality: Nokia OZO, Oculus, LucidCam, to name a few. I was asked recently about the potential of virtual reality videos as part of content development to tell the story. One is clear, 3D space is definitely playing a huge role and you are immersed in a captive nature of virtual reality. But how quickly VR will spread when telling corporate brand stories, this I am not sure about. I doubt we will graduate from standard video capture mode any time soon, but for generating exciting content for social or audience engagement - that I see happening and being successful. However, some and certain brands would be more friendly for such content than others (Red

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