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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Video Marketing for Real Estate

My friend recently sent me a link to the article about Coldwell Banker real estate agency. The reason was not because I was looking to sell or buy a house, but because this article talked about how the agency is utilizing video in its marketing strategy. You can read the article here. As we all know by now video is a powerful tool if you want to stand out from your competitors. And Coldwell Banker seems to have learned that early on. Their YouTube channel has videos not only about featured homes for sale, but also educational tips, such as “How to renew your kitchen for a small budget” or “Home building tips”. I was surprised to find even street interviews to showcase some of the research findings in terms of home buying.

In this age it is crucial to stay on top of the market trends and not be left behind. The more you expose your business online, the more trusted and approachable you’ll look to your customers. I know for sure that if I watch an introductory video of a real estate agent, it would help me in choosing which one I like rather than hoping that the agency will assign the one whom I’ll enjoy working with.

Please take a look at Coldwell Banker’s YouTube Channel and enjoy the resources and information that they provide to their customers. Now that’s a relationship building strategy!

Call or email me if you need any real estate videos produced.

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