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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Event Videos - How To Get The Most Out Of Them?

For a content marketing person and a video producer events could be a great place to generate more content. Why?

1. Because there are tons of people - each with individual or company stories. If a video producer is curious enough, he/she can have a great time capturing some of those stories on camera.

2. Footage from the event can be repurposed multiple ways: full recap of the event, individual short soundbites for social, call to action for the next event or to join an email list, etc.

3. Events give you ideas for additional content marketing development that you could implement in your digital media strategy.

How to best approach planning and execution of your marketing videos from the event?

  • Always know what you want to accomplish with the video from the event before the event - plan your goals. Video Producer/content marketer who works with your internal marketing teams can come in handy in this stage.

  • Craft a rough outline of how that content would look like and schedule people for potential soundbites at the event. Watching video with people just mingling may become too boring. There's always a story one has to tell and it's more fun to hear that from a person or two at the event.

  • Obviously, make sure you have a versatile Videographer/Director of Photography (or two) who has a good eye and is quick and mobile enough to be in different spots at the event and is able to get exciting looking footage. It's best this person works with the Video Producer/Director who knows content goals and can direct what type of footage needs to be captured.

  • Think long-term what your content marketing strategy is and how you are planning to repurpose the content on social or other platforms. Is it to generate more customer leads? Is it to inform people about the event? Is it to market a future event? Get the most bang for the buck from your video project!

  • Aim to deliver a video after the event as soon as possible. I come from the news background and any news that happened yesterday is old news. Event related content should be considered time sensitive and the recap video should see the light as soon as possible. Make sure you have the editor lined up and ready to work.

  • Have fun and enjoy the process. You'll improve with time and figure out how to add layers to the content from the event to serve different purposes after the event.

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