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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Startups - What New Technologies Are Out In Silicon Valley and Beyond?

People who know me well enough are aware of my passion for startups. I admire and am always inspired by entrepreneurs who create something from scratch, are not afraid to take risks, and have passion for what they do.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some founder stories about entrepreneurship, startup challenges, mistakes, passions, and more. I learn from these stories myself and they inspire me to push forward and continue doing what I love, and expand the skill set as I grow in my career.

Below are three products/technologies that are featured in this post. Some are in stealth mode, some are in product development stage. I have met Bullz-i and BullyTap founders at the Silicon Valley Meetup SVNewTech that I attend once in a while to learn about the new startups and meet new people. So I just grab my phone, pull interesting folks aside and ask a couple of questions for my posts.

The sit-down interview with Lucid VR co-founders Han Jin and Adam Rowell is a little more elaborate and introduces their product LucidCam. I have known Han for a while now and have followed his ventures in the VR world since he tapped into it a couple of years ago.

Adam Rowell, co-founder of Lucid VR

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing shorter segments about entrepreneurship with both of the Lucid VR co-founders along with other company founders whom I talked to several years ago.

When I met with Han and Adam for their interview a couple of weeks ago, both of them were rigorously responding to emails and discussing upcoming plans and strategies for LucidCam. The early startup life, as Han later noted, is very stressful and something new is happening every day. It's a matter of addressing all the changes, new discoveries, small and big victories and even failures.

I had a great conversation with both of them and I look forward to sharing their insights in the coming weeks about what it takes to build a startup and be a founder of one.

Here's the video interview of Han and Adam talking about how the first consumer 3D VR camera came to life. Supplemental footage in the video is courtesy of Lucid VR. Thanks for sharing it, Han!

The next two videos were captured on my phone at SVNewTech meetup in the past couple of months. BullyTap, founded by Kevin Jebara, is an app for kids through which they can report bullying in schools. It's a unique concept, I thought, hence a short soundbite from the founder. The product is in the early stages of development so the traction is not there yet. But I am curious to see how it grows and continues the movement to stop bullying in schools.

Bullz-i would fall into the category of gadgets/accessories for mobile devices. it looked cool when Eric Due, the co-founder of the company, showed to me how it works. Apparently, it's built to be ergonomic for your hands and fingers. See for yourselves.

Please share, comment, ask questions and look out for new company founder soundbites in the coming weeks!

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