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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Business Video to Drive Sales

New 2011 year is around the corner…Are you prepared for it? Is your business prepared for new challenges, new opportunities, new ways to attract customers? Has a production of a video about your business occurred to you while thinking about the answers to my questions? Too many questions, I know. One more though…Did you know that you can post your business video to over 50 video hosting sites? Let’s imagine what could happen if YOU did….If you post 1 video on 50 sites and with just 20 views per site per month you get 1000 possible prospects for your business. Let’s increase the number to 100 instead of 20 clicks and you get 5000 possible leads to your business. If you back linked everything to your website, you in addition increased your website traffic by that much. Has it ever occurred to you that this much web traffic can help you achieve your sales quota faster? And this all could be accomplished with just ONE video, the distribution of which has to be strategically planned to meet your video marketing goals and all the video SEO (search engine optimization) tools should be applied for the maximum results.

I don’t have to prove to you that video these days is the way to go if you want to stay on top of your competitors and crush them. You can just look around and see what others are doing and think where you are in comparison to your competitors. Are you catching up with them or are you way behind? Why are they doing better? Why do customers prefer them over you? Business/infomercial video or any other kind of video these days is expected on websites. And if you think you need one, LoretaTV can help you with that.

If you choose the right video marketing campaign that suits your business best, you can achieve your business goals faster. You can start building the relationship with your current and potential clients outside your office. You can increase your potential in-house customer database if you use video marketing in your business. There are a lot of ways how to market yourself through the video.

It’s not enough for people these days just to read about you, now they want to SEE your business before they go DO business with YOU. Can you introduce yourself and help them get to know you better?

Please take a look at the video below. We are all becoming a word of mouth market thanks to the possibilities of social media. Great video, great social media stats.

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