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Founders open up in Video Interviews

I believe this is my first blog of 2012. It’s been a while, I know.

Well, I would like to start off with the most wonderful message I received recently from one of the visitors to my site.

Here it is:

Hello Loreta, my name is Uche Onuoha and I am a Student at UNC Charlotte. This email is just to say thank you for these wonderful interviews of successful entrepreneurs you have put together to help people like me who are young entrepreneurs working on starting a company. I learned so much watching all 10 of the interviews on your Youtube channel. And now I am more motivated than ever to continue to work hard on my company until my product is well known. And it will definitely be a dream come true for me to end up at you show one day, and actually get to meet you in person. Thank you again. Uche Onuoha.

You can imagine how I felt when I opened up an email in the morning and found this message. We exchanged emails with Uche for a while. He’s working on creating bottled water for the kids. Because Uche is originally from Africa, he sees how water here is being taken for granted by parents of young kids who are being offered all those sweetened drinks. Good luck to Uche and I hope one day to interview him.

I guess with this short blog, I wanted to thank everyone who is watching founders stories either on my YouTube channel or on my website. I feel that the advice that’s being given by various company founders is helping and I will continue with this mission of educating young entrepreneurs on what it takes to start and build a successful company. I love capturing those interviews. I meet so many cool people and they all are so passionate about what they do – it inspires me as well. I guess that’s at least one key feature to success – be passionate in what you do and don’t give up.

I recently interviewed the founders of PunchTab – Ranjith Kumaran and Mehdi Ait Oufkir. Very fun people, very fun interview and awesome life experience they shared along with the advice what it takes to start a company. You can watch the interview below.

Please feel free to post any questions that you may want to ask the founders and I’ll make sure that I ask them. Comment on the videos, share them and please just stop by to see what’s new on my site .

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