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  • Loreta Tarozaite

LED Green/Blue Screen Rings

I’ve been meaning to do this video demo of the cool LED green/blue screen system for a while now and it finally happened . This is such a wonderful technology and very easy to use. All the lighting I have to care about is just lighting the person in the video. Light reflecting backdrop is lit by the light cast from the LED ring.

In a standard paper or fabric green/blue screen set up, you have to light the background very well so that no shadows are apparent on the screen and the post production is smooth. With LED system, you don’t, and actually, you must not, light the backdrop as this will ruin the effect. Also, the system is not to be used outside on a very sunny day for the same reason. Remember, it’s light reflecting backdrop, which means that to make the green/blue screen effect look good, only the light from the rings should be cast on the backdrop. Feel free to ask any questions or comment if you have any tips or suggestions.

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