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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Founder Stories: Erika Taylor Montgomery, Three Girls Media & Marketing

I thought it would be fun to share a little about how I met my founders and why I enjoyed their interviews. Since Erika Taylor Montgomery is the first one to appear in my project, here’s a short excerpt from her LinkedIn profile: “Erika is a PR and media pro with over 20 years of experience. She owns Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc., an award-winning public relations agency in the heart of Silicon Valley. She’s personally placed over 5,000 stories in publications including the New York Times; Oprah; The Dr. Phil Show; The SF Chronicle, Redbook, Modern Salon, Women’s Day, Prevention and thousands of others.”

I met Erika about a year ago in one of my networking meetings that I attend regularly. During her introduction to the group, Erika mentioned that she used to work in one of the radio stations here in the Bay Area. Of course, that sparked my interest to find out more about her because we both had the same background – journalism. We met for a chat and I learned a lot about PR business from her. She opened the back end doors that I was so curious about and enlightened me a little about how story coverage through media works. It was so much fun. In addition, after talking to her and after she heard my experiences of living in the Silicon Valley and what it meant to me, she offered me an opportunity to be a contributor in the book she was then co-wirting. The book is out already and it became a top 25 best seller within 24 h of its release. Now talk about marketing here! Oh..if you are interested, the book is called “The Spirit of Silicon Valley”. You can purchase it on Amazon. And if you do end up buying it, my story is on page 95.

The reason why I decided to interview Erika for the project the project Enter Silicon Valley was that she managed to build a PR company and utilize all her media knowledge while providing affordable pricing to small business owners. That was a truly unmet need that she satisfies and that is the reason she is so successful and doesn’t lack clients. If you feel that PR is a scary word that associates with huge expenses, you’ve got to talk to Erika. Her services value for the money you will spend is priceless. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, here it is.

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