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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Founder Stories: Marina Modlin, Modlin Legal

Thank you for viewing a founder’s interview and wanting to learn more about Marina. I met Marina in 2010 at one of our mutual friend’s place and we had a great chat about Russia, post Soviet Union, emigration and life in the U.S in general. I thought that she was a very smart young lady. We’ve kept in touch ever since and I was very pleased when Marina agreed to participate in the EnterSiliconValley project.

In the interview Marina doesn’t talk about how she started her career, but she started it as a freelance attorney. Actually, she has recently published a book talking about her experience and giving advice to young, fresh out of law school future attorneys what to do to jumpstart the career. You can read more about that and purchase the book here.

Marina travels as a speaker to different universities and meets with students to share her career story. As a matter of fact, one of her presentation videos I filmed myself and you can view it right here. I am personally amazed how at such a young age she has achieved so much already. It tells a lot about the character of the person and you could have probably guessed from the interview that she’s a really strong person and won’t give up when the obstacle crosses her way. If you by any chance missed the interview on my website, here it is again.

Please stick around for more founders’ interviews. They are to be released every two weeks and I have a bunch of them ready for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, email them to me or post them in the comments so that I know what interests you and what you’d like me to ask future founders.

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