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Case Study Videos

I trust that you’ve heard or read that by 2013 video will account for 90% of all web traffic (Cisco forecast). You might be panicking that you haven’t even started video marketing strategy for your business or company and will be left behind your competition who is already doing it. Well guess what, I think one of the most easiest ways to generate video content are client/partner video testimonials about your products or services. It so happens that companies finally are understanding that customer feedback is very important and if it’s shared with other potential customers, it can be very powerful as well. I provide video production services in San Jose-Bay Area and this year I have had quite a few clients who needed my help in capturing video testimonials with their business partners or clients about their company, services or products that they offer. Some clients knew exactly what they wanted to ask, some clients needed my journalistic experience to help come up with questions.

If you cannot hire a professional video producer in your area, please let me share some tips how to prepare for client video testimonial shoot, if you want to do it yourself.

First, inform your clients ahead of time that you are planning a new marketing campaign where you will be capturing your happy clients’ feedback on camera. You can even let them know about your intentions before the start of the project so that the thought of it grows on them and they have time to think about it during your engagement with them and make the decision easier after the project is over. It will be a no-brainer for them to give you feedback if they are happy with your services or products. Don’t get scared away if 5 out of 5 of your clients rejected to help you out. It’s understandable, a lot of people get camera shy, but there will be others who will definitely be willing to support you in reaching your video marketing goals.

Second, sign the release form. No matter how well you know your customers, how happy they are with you, you have to sign a release form with them to avoid any issues in the future should they change their mind. It’s better to protect yourself and your business from being sued than end end up in the court for no reason.

Third, once you have customers who are ready to be filmed and you have all the forms signed, set up the date for a video shoot. It would be great if you had a chance to arrange for several clients to come on the same day to your office, because you can save time in traveling to different parts of the area yourself. You may also want to think of some questions that you’d like to ask and give them to your clients ahead of time to prepare. Just don’t let them over prepare, you want true and honest answers from their heart. I usually don’t give out all the questions before the video shoot, I give just general guidelines on what we’ll be covering. But I come in prepared with precise questions that will help extract the message that my clients need for their business.

Fourth, enjoy the process. They are your clients, so make them feel comfortable on camera, have an engaging interview and valuable information and feedback will come out naturally from them. After all, if they agreed to be on video, they must be very happy with your services or products. Acknowledge and appreciate that. This always helps your clients or business partners feel important and more open. A nice thank you note and a small gift card might be a nice touch after the videos with your clients are released.

If you do need any help or guidance how to start building video testimonial library for your business or company, please don’t hesitate to contact LoretaTV. We are a video production company in the Bay Area and we serve clients all across the Silicon Valley.

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