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  • Loreta Tarozaite

Founder Stories: John Major, Catalog Data Solutions

I met John Major through a referral from somebody who thought John would be a great interviewee. And he certainly was! I had such a wonderful time talking to John for the Enter Silicon Valley project. John did a wonderful job explaining to me what his company was doing and I was amazed to find out that he was the actual person who came up with the idea of CAD models for product designers to help save time. You know that before CAD options, engineers had to draw every single part that would go into the product?

And John, being an engineer himself, saw an opportunity to solve this problem by providing a catalog of such parts. As he said in the interview to me, the first time he started this, he chose the wrong business model. Later, after the first company was sold, he decided to approach how to provide this service from a different stand point. His company is very successful in what it does.

John is a wonderful, warm, and with a good sense of humor person. I was so happy when he opened up about how he was raised, what experiences in life influenced his path and where he is right now. It was a very open and very rewarding interview to take. I loved working with him and telling his story.

Know of any founders who could be featured here? Please don’t hesitate to tell me about them!

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